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Individual Heuristic Evaluation - Ivan

1. [H8 Aesthetic & Minimalist Design] (Severity 1)
On the list of current annotations, the green flag denoting that an annotation has changed in the last seven days should be placed next to the checkbox instead of at the end of the line. This will yield a cleaner, less cluttered look as well as reducing the amount of time a user spends on scanning the line for information.

2. [H4 Consistency & Standards] (Severity 1)
The color of the 'Add Selections to Gene Cart' is blue. It is not clear as to why this is colored differently from the other buttons.

3. [H1 Visibility of system status] (Severity 2)
In the Gene Details page, there is no indication of how many comments a user should expect when they click on 'More...'. Also it is ambiguous as to what 'More...' means: Does it mean this comment has more continuing text or are there more comments from other users as well?

4. [H1 Visibility of system status] (Severity 3)
After clicking on 'I disagree', the button is effectively disabled, but there is little feedback to the user as to why the button may be disabled. There should be a notification to the user telling her that the button is disabled because she has already voted. Greying out the button may also help.

5. [H2 Match between system and the real world] (Severity 4)
It is not clear that the Homolog Selection dropbox is functionally related to everything below it (including the 'Add Selections to Gene Cart', etc. buttons). Make it more obvious that everything including and below the Homolog Selection is in one group.

6. [H5 Error prevention] (Severity 2)
Buttons under the 'Functional Annotation' column are too close together and cluttered. It may be easy for the user to accidentally click on the the wrong button (e.g. Clicking on Agree when the intended action is to click on Update)
. Additionally, the use of a red highlight on the Agree button may be a source of ambiguity.

7. [H5 Error prevention] (Severity 1)
The separate sections (Export Genes, Sequence Alignments, etc.)
should be "Gestalted" together better. Especially since the buttons resemble tabs in many ways, users may erroroneously interpret the buttons as the headers of each section.

8. [H6 Recognition rather than recall] (Severity 4)
Selecting multiple genes to comment on: At the page where the actual comment is added, there is no indication as to which genes the comment will be added to. The user is forced to remember which gene she had previously selected. This would be a problem if the user had made an error in selection in the Gene Cart page.


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