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Individual Heuristic Evaluation - Lindsay

1. [H1 Visibility of system status] (Severity 4)
The layout of each page makes it very hard to understand. It seems like there's no order, or, if there is an order, no distinction between sections. The buttons and the headings seem to delineate sections, but this is difficult to percieve. FIX: Add grouping styles such as horizontal lines or boxes.

2. [H1 Visibility of system status] (Severity 2)
It seems that the "loading. . ." and then "loaded" messages to indicate page loading and page loading complete at the top of each page are too simple. "Loaded" seems slang-ish, and the whole function seems out of place, unstyled and inappropriate. FIX: Change the language of the operation and style the dialog differently

3. [H2 Match between system and the real world] (Severity 2)
Batting Average is confusing and is presumably not part of a gene annotator's diction. Additionally, the metric agrees/votes is in ratio while 0.788 is in decimal format. FIX: Find a new way to represent the approval rating.

4. [H6 Recognition rather than recall] (Severity 4)
It is not clear how to view the Annotation History of the first gene. Clicking V 1.0 below the Functional Annotation table directs a user to this page but does not indicate it will do so. The link also does not indicate that a new window will open.

5. [H4 Consistency and Standards] (Severity 1)
"Evidence" table row is highlighted at the bottom of the first table on the functional decomposition page.

6. [H4 Consistency and Standards] (Severity 4)
The buttons are not consistent. The blue buttons have very poor feedback whereas the red buttons (agree/disagree) have very thorough feedback. The buttons do not clearly react to the user's click.

7. [H3 User control and freedom] (Severity 3)
In general, it was difficult to perceive location within the greater website. I did not know how to return to the previous page and was often lost. FIX: Add breadcrumbs.

8. [H4 Consistency and Standards] (Severity 3)
It's not obvious that clicking on user's name on the discussion board is a mailto: link. FIX: provide instructions that user's can email other user's by selecting the user name.

9. [H9 Help useres recognize, diagnose, and recover from errosrs] (Severity 1)
There is an error message in the "Ortholog Clusters" section. Since this section is below the initial view of the screen, and although it's probably not in the control of the current designers, they should at least check for erros and make a notation on the top of the page in plain view of the user. FIX: place message at the top of the page or indicate at the top of the page that there is a message below

10. [H8 Aesthetic and minimalist design] (Severity 1)
The Your log in information is not valid message is poorly aligned under the menu options; it is only in partial view.

11. [H9 Help users recognize, diagnose, and recover from errors] (Severity 4)
"Close Window" is not explicit - I just got shut out and have to find my way back!

12. [H10 Help and Documentation] (Severity 4)
Task 1: I'm really upset that I don't know what to do!


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