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Individual Heuristic Evaluation - Katrina

1. [H4 Consistency and standards] (Severity 3)
The buttons in the interface do not appear clickable. There is no mouse over event or change in mouse stylus to indicate clickability. This is especially true on the Gene Cart page where the blue or red outline does not suffice to show button or link behavior exists.

2. [H5 Error prevention] (Severity 4)
After adding a discussion to multiple genes (task set 4), a close window button appears which closes the entire application (since the discussion screen replaced the current gene cart screen rather than appearing in a new window). This also happens on the Annotation History page.

3. [H2 Match between system and the real world] (Severity 1)
The term "batting average" seems unrelated to gene annotations and unprofessional.

4. [H5 Error prevention / H8 Aesthetic and minimalist design] (Severity 2)
Select All/Clear All buttons should be minimized. Currently, they appear of equal importance to the Add Cart button. Also, you can select all the genes and still click Select All. Instead, the button should become disabled if the action has already been completed and become activated again when it makes sense.

5. [H5 Error prevention] (Severity 2)
On the Gene Details page, the "Add Selections to Gene Cart" and other buttons appear under Homologs even when there are no items to select.

6. [H6 Recognition rather than recall] (Severity 2)
From the Gene Cart page, clicking "I Disagree" says that it's saving it but does not reflect that it has been saved in the interface. On another page, it highlights it blue to show that it has been saved.

7. [H4 Consistency and standards] (Severity 2)
The wording "Add to My Watched Annotations" is not consistent with "MyAnnotations."

8. [H4 Consistency and standards] (Severity 1)
On the Functional Annotation page, instead of a batting average number, it might be better to use a visual scale like many other web sites use (e.g. stars).

9. [H6 Recognition rather than recall] (Severity 1)
On the Functional Annotation page, it would be helpful to include the number of discussion messages instead of just "more" which doesn't indicate if there is only a single message or hundreds.

10. [H8 Aesthetic and minimalist design] (Severity 1)
On the Annotation History page, there is a bolded number next to each member name, I'm not sure what this is but the placement/style makes it look important.

11. [H2 Match between system and the real world] (Severity 3)
It seems that the annotation rating is very important. Therefore, I think that the score (batting average or whatever scale is used) should be shown prominently at the top of the page. Currently, it is very small and hard to pick out. Also, it might be helpful to show it when the genes are listed in a table.

12. [H4 Consistency and standards] (Severity 1)
There is a combination of serif and sans-serif fonts on the page. These should be made consistent as the difference does not seem to serve any real purpose.


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