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Assignment 4 | March 9

January 26th, 2009  |  Published in e. Color I

Assignment 4: Color (due March 15)

In preparation for this week’s assignment, you identified palettes of 3-5 colors that express your sense of color harmony. Apply these color palettes to one of the compositions you created for the Assignment 2 (Layout) or the Assignment 3 (Deconstructing Type). Using your palette, create at least three different designs that take advantage of your color palette. Hints: Think about interactions and different contracts of colors:

1. Contrast of hue
2. Light-dark contrast
3. Cold-warm contrast
4. Complementary contrast
5. Simultaneous contrast
6. Contrast of saturation
7. Contrast of extension

Please post your assignment here by Sunday, March 15. Be prepared to discuss the type of color contrasts you are creating in each of the three designs. You will present all 3 designs at the workshops on March 30th and April 20th.