d. Type II

Assignment 3 | Feb 23

January 26th, 2009  |  Published in d. Type II

1. Choose one piece you created for the Layout assignment poster

2. Prepare your an ‘inverse’ copy of your Layout assignment poster
If you are working digitally…
Create a digital color inverse of the original piece.

If you are working with paper…
Create a color inverse of the piece and create several (>30) copies of the inverse and original of that piece.

3. Create two posters
Line Poster: Using a copy of the original piece, create an original composition by adding line (.5–4 pt) to the original copies.

Shape Poster: Using a copy of the original piece, create a new composition by adding the parts of the inverse copy to the original piece.

Create compositions that embody your sense of visual accord with energy and harmony. While giving the page a sense of liveliness and poise, don’t forget to give the reader a sense of direction.

Examples of original, line and shape poster courtesy of Brian Hoffer:

Post your three final compositions (the original, the line and the shape posters) below by March 1.

Be prepared to discuss your compositions. You will present all designs to the class for critique on Monday March 2nd.