f. Pictograms, Logos, & Icons

Assignment 5 | March 16

January 26th, 2009  |  Published in f. Pictograms, Logos, & Icons

Assignment 5: Pictograms, Logos, & Icons Assignment (due Saturday 28th)

In this exercise, you will explore the design of pictogram/logo/icon by creating one of the followings:

1.    A new pictogram/logo/icon for I School
2.    A new pictogram/logo/icon for your school (non-I School)
3.    A pictogram/logo/icon for your own project

Be clear what type of sign you are designing (e.g., pictogram, ideographic logo, type as picture, etc.) and describe how your sign stands for the signified. Post your design and description of your design on the web by Saturday 28th. You will present your design at the workshops on March 30th.