____________________________Realizing Digital Convergence: InfoSys 290 section 1

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Assignments _______ (Last updated 13 October 2004)

All assigned readings are preparatory for upcoming lectures. SIMS students click here for the course slides and readings.

Assignment 1 (to be discussed in class 14 Sept.) Constructing financial statements

Solution to Assignment 1

Assignment 2 (in-class presentations 21 Sept.) Analysis of a GSM business plan (plan excerpts to be handed out in class)

Assignment 3 (in-class presentations 5 and 12 Oct.)  Mobile telecom cases (details sent by e-mail)

Assignment 4 (due 21 Oct.) Short memo on the AOL-Time Warner case.  (Specific questions sent by e-mail)

Assignment 5 (due 26 Oct.)  First draft of product-ideas: (teamwork)

  1. Do some internet-based market research and hand in at least 3 media concepts (one slide each) that you find on the (American or German, respectively) market that integrate mobile publishing, the internet (and perhaps even print)
  2. Design one magazine page of your own converged media idea (teamwork)

 Presentation, Discussion & Feedback  (28 Oct.) (6 Minutes presentation per Team)

Assignment 6 (due 2 Nov.) Hand-in report on: “Boston.com” case assignment (questions to answer will be handed out in due time); 5 pages; (teamwork)

Assignment 7 (due 4 Nov. & 9 Nov.) Hand-in New product-idea mock-ups (teamwork)

  1. Design one magazine page of your converged media idea (no additional ppt slides)
  2. 2 written pages and 1- 2 ppt slides to explain the main characteristics of the idea: What content is used and where does it come from? How is it delivered? [internet, mobile (SMS; MMS), print] What kind of interaction with the reader? How is revenue generated? Which players are involved? What are the technical requirements for technical realization?
  3. 1 slide explaining your system using the “Generic mobile Publishing Framework”
Presentation, Discussion & Feedback  (4 Nov.)  (5 Minutes presentation per Team); further discussion also on 9 November  possible

Assignment 8 (due 16 Nov.) Hand-in  “The Wall Street Journal” case assignment (questions to answer will be handed out in due time); 5 pages; (teamwork)


Realizing Digital Convergence: InfoSys 290 section 1

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