Agent-Based Modeling and Simulation of Organizations and Work Practice
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 Brahms Agent Oriented Language Online Resources
this is the brahms main site
Brahms Language
download the Brahms language and IDE and AgentViewer
Brahms Language Reference
view the online language reference
Brahms Composer User Guide
the Brahms composer (IDE) user guide
Brahms JAPI
the Brahms Java API documentation
Brahms Tutorial & Lesson Files
the Brahms tutorial and related files
Maarten Sierhuis' Dissertation (pdf) [46MB]
the theoretical and design principles behind Brahms
Brahms Professional Agent version 1.0 beta 6++ for Windows 2000/XP (52MB) (includes Sun JRE 1.5.0) [updated Feb 11, 2005 - vm.jar & ide.jar]
INSTALLATION: This version has no installer and requires extraction in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Brahms.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Readme, License, Changes, Readme Distributed VM
Send an e-mail to Charis (kaskiris at sims) to obtain a license.
DOWNLOAD: download compendium from [HERE] and install.
IMPORTING LECTURES: there is an xml file made available in the lectures - those can be imported into compendium so that you can follow the lectures on your own copy of compendium. this will allow you to make notes within compendium on lecture topics and store it for your own studying purposes.