Administrivia and Announcements


 Feb 17, 2005
Download the windows version of the Lesson 9 [HERE].
 Feb 14, 2005
You can download the Brahms example model [HERE]. You can unzip it in the models directory of ProfessionalAgent {C:\Program Files\Brahms\Professional Agent\Models} or anywhere else, and open the 'AtmModel.bmd" in the Composer.
 Jan 28, 2005
New assignment due dates posted. Required readings for the week are posted between [] and optional between {} on the online class lecture schedule. Readings for each week are posted during the previous week in the schedule.

If you have not received an ASLEP CD-R, contact charis for it.
 Jan 21, 2005
The Reader, which includes all readings denoted as [READER] in the readings, is available at CopyCentral on 2560 Brancroft Way for $48.26. There are no books required for this course.

If you have not received the Apollo 14 ASLEP video, e-mail charis to get a copy of it.


Dr. Sierhuis is a senior scientist at NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. He will be on campus on Fridays for the class and office hours.

Charis Kaskiris is a visiting student at RIACS NASA Ames Research Center working on the Mobile Agents project. Contact Charis to setup a time to discuss project ideas or have questions about Brahms.


[1/3 of grade] 3 Assignments evaluated on an 1 - 5 scale

[2/3 of grade] Final Project evaluated on an 1 - 5 scale (projects can be up to 2 students)

No late assignments