Midterm project proposal

Submitted by seanchen on Fri, 02/15/2013 - 14:12

Tangible Query: A search engine using combinations of metaphoric objects
Eungchan Kim, Seongtaek Lim, Yu-Hsiang (Sean) Chen

This project attempts to suggest a futuristic search interface using a physical canvas and tangible metaphoric objects.

The objects can be metaphors such as car, hiking boot, camera, clock, food, calendar, etc. The canvas can be map, calendar, or other contexts. The users of this system can place an object and this system recognizes the object and also the context. Based on the data, it performs search on the Internet to find what the user wants to know.

We are more interested in applying the combination of the objects for search. Besides the objects and the canvas, there can be more dimensions to the search which utilize other inputs such as physical sliders and knobs.

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