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Some resources for your final project

Sample Papers
Sites for researching prior work

Tutorial and learning resources
  • Both Adafruit and Sparkfun have many supplies targeted at hobbyists. You'll pay a bit more but the selection is focused and generally arduino compatible. They often have good documentation and tutorials as well. Also read the comments when ordering; people will often have useful suggestions and links. 
  • is a local distributor with a good selection - no physical store, though you can place a "will call" order and pick it up at their Belmont warehouse.
  • is a giant supplier who has nearly everything. Read the documentation before you buy and make sure it will suite your needs. Also check the minimum quantity for each item; sometime you have to order thousands....
  • Formerly for the pros, now they are aiming more at the hobbyist market and have a good selection.
  • Al Lasher's in Berkeley if you need a common component TODAY. Dont take their customer service, or lack there of, personally. They are like that to everyone.
Conductive fabrics: (In Berkeley)
Conductive threads:
EL wire:

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