Tangible Two-Way Communication Board for Active Group Collaboration

Submitted by lwang on Fri, 02/15/2013 - 18:29

Group Members: Lisa Wang, Eunkwang Joo, Euiyoung Kim

Product Concept

Our product is a tangible two-way communication board aimed for multi-users who want to make active group collaboration as well as easy and quick information uploading/downloading. As an extension of our product concept, we want to be able to virtually turn any wall space into a working space for group collaboration.


-Easy and quick idea sharing is the next big thing in multi-users’ collaboration. Idea sharing and collaboration should be done seamlessly without recognizing the action. We want to deliver physical metaphor into digital devices for intuitive uses.

- Our idea was triggered by observation 1) the scene doctor shows x-ray chart to patients. (e.g. doctors show patient’s X-ray/MRI charts on the white backlight wall with one hand. A sequence of quick chart wall attachments to facilitate in discussion and switching between multiple charts. 2) group communication in workplace.


Components (Tentative)

1.  Display (Mobile, Tablet, Projector)

2.  Input device (accessory)  

3.  Processor / Network between small and large displays

4.   Sensors for information Achieve/Save/Retrieve (Cloud or device )

5. Sensors to capture motion

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Concept Sketch


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