Listening Sandbox

Submitted by kmpark on Sat, 02/16/2013 - 13:35

Listening sandbox is an augmented sand box with music for kids. I am hoping this can teach children about musical pitch and rhythm with a lot of interactive fun. There are other TUI/GUIs in a similar idea of this, but I want to build something for especially toddler age.  

Just like how the 'Illuminating clay' worked, the user will manipulate a surface, maybe sand like in Japanese sand garden or form beads to make a surface with low and high. How high the bumps or how deep the valley is will determine the pitch of the melody given the temporal period of the box length. 

The bass rhythm or drum line will be based on a number of variously weighted block as the heavy block means kick and so on. 

Children may place some foreign object on the sandbox which gives some random funky/funny sound effects. 

The rationale behind this project is that we perceive the pitch as low and high, and the different rhythm components as heavy and light. I want to build a project reflects our principal perception of sound / music has.


These are some TUI product/projects that I think it is relevant.

Reactable - more sophisticated version of musical table for adults/music lover

Bubblegum Sequencer/gumball drum machine - a TUI project from 2008

Illuminating Clay

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