Midterm Project Proposal

Submitted by katehsiao on Fri, 02/15/2013 - 11:21


Team member: Kate Hsiao, Shaohan Chen, Wendy Xue
Using a hand & finger exerciser to improve the agility and strength of fingers in order to play guitar better is a technique commonly used by musicians. However, the exercise itself can be repetitive and boring.
Our idea is to make the process of practicing more interesting and intriguing by combining each press of hand & finger exerciser with some kinds of music tone or visualization. For example, each finger-pressing can be mapped to a music note. The process of exercising finger strength by pressing different keys is transformed into playing a song. The variation in the music tones or volume of the notes can be used to quantify the progress made by a user of the exerciser. The more accurate the amount of force exerted on the keys, the more accurate the sound of the tone. The faster a user can press the correct key, the smoother a song is played.
Furthermore, gamification mechanism can be integrated. Each phase of training can have different songs to play reflecting various levels of difficulties. Additional songs can be unlocked when a user passes a level.
By turning hand & finger exerciser into an instrument, training fingers will no longer be a boring thing to do! This mechanism can also be used to motivate patients who require finger muscle rehabilitation.
Below is a sketch of the envisioned device:
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