Midterm Project Proposal

Submitted by Jenton on Tue, 02/12/2013 - 15:06

Group Members: Derek Kan, Sandra Helsley, Jenton Lee


We want to explore the relationships between music, body, and physical space. We propose two ideas we have chosen, for which we would like to receive feedback. Both ideas have the very simple idea of using the body as input and receiving sound output based on different variables. Ideally our project would have some sort of goal (like a game) or some social component, where multiple people work together to play a song.

Human Tetris/Body Instrument

In this idea, we would create some sort of sensor device (e.g., in a doorway) that would detect certain body contortions. These specific positions would correlate to a specific musical tone, chord, or instrument, such that a user could manipulate his body to act as the input device, and the output would be music.   

The system could accommodate groups in collaborating to make more complex musical forms. Each person in the group could choose a musical function (e.g., voice, frequency, or modulation--the possibilities are endless!) or some other aspect to add a layer to the final output.

Possible uses: just making noise! Also, trying to hit the right notes, playing a song, or a “Human Tetris Hero” game.

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Air Guitar

Using two small handheld devices, the user can operate one as a fretboard, and interact with the other as if playing air guitar, except with sound output. The sound and chord positioning can be similar to an electric guitar, but we would not be limited to 6-string instruments, and any digital sound would be feasible.

Also related to this is the idea of having “air drums” where the user pretends to use drumsticks, or else drums a beat on some surface, but the sound output is enhanced. This would be particularly useful for a collaborative Air Band.

Possible uses: again, just making noise and rockin’ out! Also, practicing chord fingerings (e.g., it would be super easy changing to alternate tunings), trying to hit the right notes, or playing a song.

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