IS 214 : Needs and Usability Assessment Spring 2005, TuTh 2-3:30, 110 South Hall
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Assignment 1: Naive Usability Assessment

Assignment 2: Interviewing - DUE Feb. 15

Assignment 3: Surveys - Due March 17

Assignment 4: Heuristics - Due March 31

Final Project - DUE MAY 13

Guidelines for Written Assignments:

Unless otherwise stated, written assignments are to be turned in both on paper and electronically. The only exception is if you can't make it to campus that day, and the only way you can meet the deadline is to send it electronically only. Please title electronic files with the assignment number and your name.

Papers should be single spaced, 10 or 12 point type -- of a size and font to be easily readable without being oversized.

When a limit is stated, such as "2 pages," that means that the document should be about 2 pages long. The intention is to give you an idea of how much work is expected, and to encourage you to be concise. Readability counts! Papers will be graded for both content and clarity.

Assignments are due in class on the due date; late papers will not be accepted unless you have made arrangements with us ahead of time, or have a doctor's excuse or something equally ironclad.

Here are some links to Writing Resources.

Some common writing problems.

Please also note: BERKELEY CAMPUS CODE OF STUDENT CONDUCT - Academic Violations