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SIMS 214 - Needs Assessment and Evaluation of Information Systems


May 1 is the deadline to turn in drafts for review.

We added Chapters 11-15 to the readings from Contextual Design.


Assignment 4 is due in April 5.

Pick up your copy of Contextual Design readings at South Hall 307A.


Guest speaker on March 15:
Kevin McBride
IMS User Centered Design / IBM Santa Teresa Laboratory


Time is passing and the semester is short. I would like you to turn in on or before Monday 2/21 a description of your proposed project.

No class that day due to Presidents' Day Holiday.

Bobby is a web site that will analyze any web page for conformity with the W3C web content accessibility guidelines. Try it out!

Assignment 2 is canceled.


In class on Monday we'll continue the discussion of trust and information systems/web design. We'll discuss the criteria used in the 2 NYT articles.
We'll look at examples that you bring of sites that do a GOOD job of establishing their credibility.
And we'll discuss assignment 1, which is due Monday.

Wednesday we'll begin the discussion of heuristics. This will probably continue into the following Monday.

Jan-25 Check the updated URL to the Practical guide to evaluating info quality, from Johns Hopkins' Eisenhower Library

We are changing the room to 205 South Hall as of Monday.

I've asked Main Library to put Nielsen & Mack on reserve so you probably don't need to buy it (it's expensive).

Jan-18 If you plan to take the course, please buy the books.



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