Assignments 1 & 2

We handed back assignment 1 today.  For detailed notes please take a look at the assignment 1 feedback sheet.

We also handed out the assignment sheet [also in PDF format] for assignment 2 which will be due Tuesday March 6th.  In preparation for the assignment you will keep a journal/diary of your work practices and use of paper or digital devices (which will NOT be turned in).  Here is an example of the format your journal/diary might take.  We encourage you to use photos in your work practice journal/diary.

INFO 203 Mailing List

Our three-pronged approach to communicating course news and information includes:
(1) an announcement in class
(2) a news posting on the front page of the course website
(3) an e-mail sent out via the i203 mailing list.

To sign up for the i203 mailing list…
if you have an ISchool account, go here to subscribe (or to check if you are already subscribed):

If you do not have an ISchool account go here to subscribe:

New York Times articles for assignment 1

The links on the PdF might not work, because they seem to skip a dash in the url. Here they are again:

“The Facebook Resisters” (Dec 13, 2011)

Letters to the Editor