Assignments 1 & 2

We handed back assignment 1 today.  For detailed notes please take a look at the assignment 1 feedback sheet.

We also handed out the assignment sheet [also in PDF format] for assignment 2 which will be due Tuesday March 6th.  In preparation for the assignment you will keep a journal/diary of your work practices and use of paper or digital devices (which will NOT be turned in).  Here is an example of the format your journal/diary might take.  We encourage you to use photos in your work practice journal/diary.

New York Times articles for assignment 1

The links on the PdF might not work, because they seem to skip a dash in the url. Here they are again:

“The Facebook Resisters” (Dec 13, 2011)

Letters to the Editor



Flickr Photo Pool

Flickr Mini-Assignment #1: Thinking about Actor-Network Theory

Photograph an artifact/entity (human or non-human) that is not in use in the way we typically expect (either broken or enrolled in an uncommon or counter-intuitive way).

Post directly to our Flickr pool: or (for those of you who don’t wish to create or use your Yahoo, Facebook or Google account to login – e-mail to Elisa: elisa @ ischool)

In the caption section answer one of these questions:

  • What (missing) entities must it be enrolled with to make it what it more typically is?
  • How is it enrolled in this particular case to make it what it isn’t?

Completing this mini-assignment contributes to your class participation grade. Due on  Tuesday February 7.