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SIMS 202: Phone Project
Index of Project Documents

In this project we will be creating, sharing, and reusing mobile media and metadata. Project Groups will design application use scenarios for the Nokia 7610 mobile media phone, as well as develop and refine metadata frameworks for photos taken with these phones.

Find links to all project related documents below. This page will be updated regularly as new documents become available.

Phone Project Overview

Phone Project Consent Forms

MMM User Guide

Group Website Template (Sample)

Work Distribution Template (Sample)

Project Consent Forms (for phone users)

Help Documentation on Uploading Pictures (turning on bluetooth & context app)

Group 1 - Mobile News Masters
Group 2 - ARTery

Group 3 - FUN (Finders Keepers)
Group 4 - Picture Portal
Group 5 - Culture Feed
Group 6 - iTour
Group 7 - 007
Group 8 - Pillbox


Assignments and Related Documentation

Assignment 5 –   Cameraphone Use Scenario – Application Idea (assigned Nov. 2, due Nov. 9)

Assignment 6 –   Photo Metadata Design (assigned Nov. 9, due Nov. 18)

Assignment 7 –   Photo Metadata Revision and Consolidation (assigned Nov. 22, due Dec. 2)

Assignment 8 –   Photo Annotation (assigned Dec. 2, due Dec. 7)

Assignment 9 –   Project Presentation (assigned Dec. 2, due Dec. 7)

Questions? Email: is202-ta@sims.berkeley.edu

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