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SIMS 202: Information Organization and Retrieval
Student Questionnaire


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Systems administration of computers*

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Using database and information retrieval applications* ( DBMS, Web Search Engines, DIALOG, etc.)

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Please describe briefly any career goals you set for yourself after you graduate, and how this course might relate to those goals.*

State what you consider your academic discipline(s) to be, or any field in which you have expertise. Consider the definitions of information discussed in class. How does your discipline(s) view information and what shades of meaning does your discipline(s) viewpoint contribute? (Part 1 of Assignment 1.)*

Please describe any special skills or background you have that is relevant to this course.*

There is much discussion in the popular press about information overload, information anxiety, the information glut. Do you think there is really a problem? If so, what are your initial thoughts on potential solutions? If not, why do you think people perceive a problem? (Part 2 of Assignment 1.)*

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