School of Information Management & Systems.   Fall 2000.
Infosys 142: Access to American Cultural Heritages.   M. Buckland.
Fall 2000 Class schedule.   Subject to change!
Disregard timetable on readings page and 1997 schedule. Underline indicates link. Handouts in italics

Assignments and exam answers will be made available in the School Office, South Hall 102 after grading.

Dec 20: Exam answers and portfolios can be collected from the School Office which is in South Hall 102, opposite end of the same corridor as classroom. They are in a box on the floor on the right. The Office is open Friday Dec 22 until noon only, then after the New Year break.

Dec 12: Final deadline for completed Portfolio.
Dec 7: 3rd in-class exam. Last day of class.
Dec 5: What is "American"? "White"? "Euro-American"?
Dec 5: Handout: So What is Cultural Heritage?
Dec 5: Handout: Bibliographic style.
Nov 30 & Dec 5: "What I found surprising..."
Nov 30: Read Mulcahy "The public interest in public art". Copies on MOFFITT 2 - hour reserve; also one copy in the White Binder on informal reserve.
Nov 30: Cultural property.
Nov 28: Deadline for at least parts 2, 3, 6 & 7 of the Portfolio.
Nov 28: Assignment 7: Interview due.
Nov 28: Hand-out: Notes on second exam.
Nov 28: Hand-out: Notes on Stuart Hall "What is `black'...".
Nov 23: No class - Thanksgiving.
Nov 21: Optional drop-in "clinic" instead of class.
Nov 16: Assignment 6: Visit and Exhibit due.
Nov 16: Discussion of Stuart Hall video and reading.
Nov 16: Read: Stuart Hall: "What is this`Black'..." Social Justice vol 20 (1993): 104+. Available 3 ways:
MELVYL can send the text to your e-mail address.
Try   MAIL 1 TEXT TO [your e-mail address]
2. Copy in White Binder on MOFFITT Informal Reserve.
3. On the CDL website, but hard to find
Nov 14: Video: Representation & the media. MOFF Media Center VIDEO/C 4654.
Nov 9: Guest: Michael Heyman, formerly Secretary of the Smithsonian.
Nov 9: Second progress report on the Portfolio.
Nov 7: 2nd in-class exam.
Nov 2
Oct 31: Read Nunberg: Lingo Jingo: English-Only and the New Nativism.
Oct 26: First progress report on the Portfolio.
Oct 24: Assignment 4: Social Aspects of Naming due.
Oct 24: Guest: David Blundell: Studying cultures.
Oct 19: Read Roszak: Cult, chap 5: Of Ideas and Data. (Binder & MOFF reserve.)
Oct 17: Handout: Wage Gap Measures the Cost of Ebonics.
Oct 17: Handout: Book of Bible translated into Gullah.
Oct 17: Exercise 5: Subject access in MELVYL due.
Oct 17: Portfolio: One page outline due.
Oct 10: Subject access.
Oct 10: Handout: Notes in First Exam questions.
Oct 5: Guest: Linda-Cathryn Everstz. K12 education.
Oct 5: Discuss Kirp: Battle of the Books. pp 17-18 handed out 9/21, rest in Binder.
Oct 3: 1st in-class exam.
Sept 28: Exercise 4: MELVYL's other databases due.
Sept 28: Read about National Banned Books Week.
Sept 28: Guest: Ira Jacknis, Hearst Anthropology Museum.
Sept 26: Exercise 3: The World Wide Web. Due.
Sept 26: Ass. 3: Museum Interpretation: B: Ishi due.
Optional, Friday 22: Conference: Native American Indian Repatriation and Ishi.
Sept 21: 3A: Mandala. Japanese Americans. K12 education. Banned books.
Sept 19: Construction of meaning: Michener on fortune-telling.
Sept 19: Affect. Ceremony and ritual: Princess Di's funeral.
Sept 19: Exercise 2: "Me and 142" due.
Sept 14: Ass. 3: Museum Interpretation: A: Mandala due.
Sept 14: Exercise 1: MELVYL due.
Sept 14: Handout: "Culture"   R. Williams. Keywords. pp 87-93.
Sept 14: Myth. Handout: Notes on "Culture"
Sept 12: Video & handout: A Matter of Fact. Media Ctr VIDEO/C 997:8
Sept 12: Reading: Cultural rituals help American Japanese hang onto their roots. on Japanese Americans.   Optional: Continuation
Sept 12: Assignment 2. Cultural groups in the USA due.
Sept 12: Guest: Prof Kwang Sik Kim: What cultural attaches do.
Sept 7: Assignment 1. Finding "Culture" due.
Sept 7: Meaning; Access; Expectations.
Sept 5: Video: Separate Lives; Broken Dreams. Chinese Exclusion Act. Media Ctr VIDEO/C 6614
Aug 31: Handout: Mandala exhibition announcement.
Aug 31: California Minorities Become Majority S.F. Chron. Aug 30.
Aug 31: Why take this course?
Aug 29: Introduction. Course handout.