School of Information Management & Systems.
142  Access to American Cultural Heritages. Buckland. Spring 2000.

Assignment 2: Cultural Groups in the USA. Due Sept 12.

In order that we can concentrate on the topic of the course - access to U.S. cultural heritages - we need to be able to assume that everyone has a general familiarity with the principal different cultural groups in the U.S.A. and their historical development. Rather than devote class time to this, all students are asked to read one of the following, the sooner the better. Both books are also likely to be available at other libraries off campus. Supply a note of which book you read and any comments on its suitability for this purpose, about half a page or a page.

Sowell, Thomas. Ethnic America: A History. Basic Books, 1981. As of Aug 28: MOFFITT has 4 copies on one day loan in the Moffitt/main library stacks (level D, west) at E184.A1.S688; ETHNIC STUDIES has 4 copies in Comparative Ethnic Studies E184.A1.S688; ENVIRONMENTAL DESIGN has one copy E184.A1.S688; ANTHROPOLOGY has 1 copy on 2 hour reserve.

Takaki, Ronald. A different mirror: A History of Multicultural America. Boston: Little, Brown, 1993. As of Aug 28: MOFFITT has 1 copy on 2 hour Reserve; 1 copy on one day loan in Moffitt/main stacks (level D). E184.A1. T335; ETHNIC STUDIES has multiple copies on one day reserve (Asian Amer E184.A1.T335); New and used copies are in textbook stores for Ethnic Studies classes.