School of Information Management & Systems. Fall 2000.
142  Access to American Cultural Heritages.   Buckland.

Exercise 2:   Me and 142.   Due by Sept 19.

Please write a brief account of yourself in relation to this class:

- Your e-mail address;
- Your intended major and when you hope to graduate;
- Aspects of cultural heritages and/or American (or other) cultural groups of interest to you?
- Related Anthropology, Ethnic Studies, or other courses already taken?
- Anything else in your past, present, or intended future that this particularly relevant to this course?
- Reasons for taking this course?

Please do not include anything that you prefer to keep private. About half a page or so, supplied either on paper or by e-mail (but not as an attachment) to &nsbp;

Also, as soon as possible, please: We will be using email for communication to and within the class and the 142 e-mail reflector:
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