School of Information Management & Systems.   Fall 2000.
142  Access to American Cultural Heritages.   Buckland.

Assignment 7:   Interview. Due Nov 21, BUT NOV 28 IS O.K.

Interview someone active in relation to access to cultural heritage: Librarian, museum manager, cultural attache, cultural or historical society official, preservation activist, documentary movie maker, teacher,...

Find out about that individual's values, motivation, priorities, and sense of the political and economic issues being faced. Feel free to add your own comments to your account of the interview.

It makes sense to talk to some person who would be a useful source of information about the topic of your portfolio, but that is not a requirement.

Send an e-mail note with two paragraphs -- one about the person you talked with and the other a brief summary of what you learned -- to   Also a written summary (approx. 2 pages single-spaced) to me.