Articles by Mitar

  1. Bootstrapping PeerLibrary community

    Tue 17 September 2013
    By Mitar

    PeerLibrary is a fresh project so vivid open source community does not yet exist around it. Current developers are meeting mostly in person and necessary technological and social infrastructure for new contributors has been missing. But in the course of the first assignment we were approached by two new contributors ...

  2. PeerLibrary community properties

    Tue 08 October 2013
    By Mitar

    PeerLibrary community is still young, so the community is small. Currently there are 5 active contributors and few occasional ones. Though, on the development mailing list we have 15 subscribers. All active contributors are UC Berkeley students and are meeting and developing the project in person. Online communication is mostly ...

  3. PeerLibrary project update

    Fri 18 October 2013
    By Mitar

    PeerLibrary development has been progressing steadily. The last major feature added is a package named PeerDB which aims to bring support for easy collaborative database around MongoDB. The idea is that a developer does not have to think about all the aspects needed for implementing a database which can support ...

  4. PeerLibrary governance

    Tue 22 October 2013
    By Mitar

    PeerLibrary has not yet been around long enough for a real governance to emerge. Currently team is small enough and can meet in person so all questions can be addressed directly and efficiently. The team is currently homogeneous enough so some big issues have not yet emerged.

    What I would ...

  5. PeerLibrary in broader context

    Sun 15 December 2013
    By Mitar

    There are many projects related to PeerLibrary. To better understand the whole PeerLibrary environment we are building an index of related projects and learning more about them. For each related project we try to find what are good sides of the project and what we could learn from it and ...

  6. PeerLibrary structure

    Sun 15 December 2013
    By Mitar

    PeerLibrary team is small, three active members. We are roughly separated into design, frontend and backend components, but our work overlap all the time as we try to listen to each other comments and integrate them into our work on a component. Sometimes this discussion is a real discussion, sometimes ...

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