PeerLibrary community properties

PeerLibrary community is still young, so the community is small. Currently there are 5 active contributors and few occasional ones. Though, on the development mailing list we have 15 subscribers. All active contributors are UC Berkeley students and are meeting and developing the project in person. Online communication is mostly one directional, where active contributors comment on their activities and report. We hope to engage others in this way as well. There is almost non existent response to that online, but we get some comments in person when we meet them.

The project is open because we believe that it has to be open. We are trying to change how science publications is discussed and any such change should be an open, public, and inclusive process. Additionally, in the future, we hope to integrate many features and open access repositories users find interesting, but it would be best if users can contribute them themselves.

PeerLibrary is software for web-based cloud service and is licensed under AGPLv3 license. For its development we are using git and GitHub for source code management. For discussion we are using Sympa mailing list system. We decided to for GitHub because of it social features and Sympa because we had it already installed and used for other projects. We have a designated IRC channel on Freenode, but we are not really using it much, as we are currently meeting mostly in person. When we meet in person, communication ranges from project-related discussion to general discussion about state of affairs to everything else. We are keeping it fun and relaxed.