PeerLibrary structure

PeerLibrary team is small, three active members. We are roughly separated into design, frontend and backend components, but our work overlap all the time as we try to listen to each other comments and integrate them into our work on a component. Sometimes this discussion is a real discussion, sometimes this is directly through interaction with code. Telling by showing. So if somebody has an idea for improvement, sometimes it is simply easier to do it and show others what is in his or her mind and then it is easier to discuss. Collaboration is currently mostly done synchronously. We work together at the same time in the lab and decide on tasks and then iterate and rediscuss as needed.

I am a bit confused why it seems that we can successfully work only when are working in sync, together, at the same time. It seems that when there are not others engaged at the same time we get distracted by our other projects and activites and work on them instead. But when we meet and consciously decide to work on PeerLibrary we can make progress. I would love to sometimes be surprised by a new feature which just appear in the repository. (Of course I would immediately have comments and ideas what to do on top of it, or how to iterate it further.)