Class Participation (15%) – this includes being “on call” in class, contributing to the class Flickr pools, attendance, and participation in in-class activities.

Assignments (45%)
There will be 3 assignments due over the course of the semester. These will draw from topics and issues in the course readings and lectures. In addition, some assignments will have aspects designed to help motivate your final paper.  Assignment worksheets will be handed out in class and posted here.

Assignment 1 (due on Tuesday, Feb 19th) – [docx] [pdf] [feedback] [some example answers]
Assignment 2 (due on Tuesday, March 12th Thursday March 14th) – [docx] [pdf] [Research resources (to help with part II of the assignment)]
Assignment 3 – (due on Tuesday, April 16th) – [docx] [pdf]

Final Research Paper (40%) – due May 15th, 4pm – [docx] [pdf]

The remaining 40% of the course grade will come from the final research paper (approximately 10-15 pages). Details about choosing topics for the final paper as well as specific requirements will be distributed during the semester. Unlike the other course writing assignments, the final paper will require you to use material outside of the class readings (though this can be in addition to relevant course readings).

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