Where do the children play?

By Colin, Vanessa, and Jacob

Is today’s Facebook really the new MySpace? Is it a networked public that plays a crucial role in the development and performance of teen identities? Or has it become an extension of an age-segregated culture where parents aggressively constrain their children’s behavior? In this blog post, we discuss key differences between Facebook and MySpace that may lead Facebook to play a very different role in teen’s lives than MySpace did when danah boyd wrote “Why Youth Heart Social Network Sites.” We focus on Facebook’s features and use today, instead of Facebook at the time MySpace was popular.
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Exemplary Examples from Assignment 1

Here are a few (anonymized) answers from assignment 1 that received a perfect score.

answer for question 1 – using Diffusion of Innovations (Rogers) and Fischer’s User Heuristic approach

another answer for question 1 – using Actor-Network Theory (Latour) and Fischer’s User Heuristic approach (with brief mention of Bijker/SCOT)

answer for question 2 – using Social Construction of Technology (Bijker) and Actor-Network Theory (Latour)

answer for question 3 – using Fischer’s user heuristic approach and Social Construction of Technology (Bijker)