Social Translucency, follow up from guest talk by Judd Antin

At the guest talk on April 4th, Judd Antin mentioned the concept of social translucency. Here’s a reading for those of you who are interested in reading further – Erickson, Thomas and Wendy Kellogg. (2000). Social Translucence: An Approach to Designing Systems that Support Social Processes. In ACM Transactions on Computer-Human Interaction, Vol. 7, No. 1, pgs. 59-83.

Assignment 3

Assignment 3 has been posted. It is due on Tuesday April 16th (in two weeks!). Download it in the following formats: [docx] [pdf]

Important note: Part 1 will be a two-person writing task and a somewhat longer essay (1200 words).

Please pick a partner to write Part 1 with and pick an Internet culture glossary term (see the assignment sheet) by Thursday (4/4) and send a quick e-mail to Jen ( to let her know a) who you’ve partnered with b) the term you’ve picked.

Assignment 2, Part 2

We handed back assignment 2, part 2 in class last Thursday.

Here is the ‘key’ to the rubric:

1 – (1 point) topic area is clearly described
2 – (1 point) states the specific problem or problems you are engaging with
3 – (1 point) refers to one or more theoretical framework or concept from 203 that could inform your analysis
4 – (1 point) provides justification for why the problem is important
5 – (1 point) citations are listed, are appropriate, are complete.