Assignment 3

Assignment 3 has been posted. It is due on Tuesday April 16th (in two weeks!). Download it in the following formats: [docx] [pdf]

Important note: Part 1 will be a two-person writing task and a somewhat longer essay (1200 words).

Please pick a partner to write Part 1 with and pick an Internet culture glossary term (see the assignment sheet) by Thursday (4/4) and send a quick e-mail to Jen ( to let her know a) who you’ve partnered with b) the term you’ve picked.

Mobile Phone Usage in Public Places

By: Julia, Sonali and Haroon

In their book “Mobile Communication” Ling and Donner argue that the connectivity and reachability brought about by a significant increase in mobile phone usage is allowing us to interact on the phone in any social situation and is changing the dynamics of our social interactions (Ling and Donner, p. 4). While this constant state of connectivity helps us maintain our relationships with friends and family, it also creates tensions with strangers.

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