Negotiating Sentiment Analysis

by Scott Martin, Luis Aguilar, Jenton Lee

In an information based ecosphere actors can create, retrieve, and analyze vast amounts of data with increasing efficiency.  Just as individuals struggle to maintain control of personal information and communications, organizations face pressure to protect their Trade Secrets and Intellectual Property. IBM has developed a new business tool–IBM Security Intelligence with Big Data–to identify disgruntled employees who present a greater risk of leaking sensitive corporate information.  This tool collects and compares employee corporate communication and public statements (such as comments on social networks) and conducts a sentiment analysis identifying individuals who are presenting divergent point-of-views internally and externally.

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Interpretative Flexibility of File-Sharing Websites

by Victor Starostenko, Kate Hsiao, Peter Nguyen

Last January, the New Zealand government took down Megaupload, a file-sharing site founded by Kim Dotcom, since the site was found guilty of disseminating copyrighted materials and committing racketeering. A year after the closing, Dotcom launches a new version of the site called Mega, which now encrypts files on users’ computer before they are uploaded, so files on Mega will not be able to be read by anyone, including government officials when conducting investigations.

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