iPads and Health Care

By Kyungmi Park, Eunkwang Joo and Soren Svejstrup

All internal-medicine residents at the University of Chicago and Johns Hopkins are given iPads; entering medical students at Stanford are given vouchers they can use to buy one. iPads are also being implemented in hospitals and in private practices, and it can therefore be argued that tablets are becoming a standard tool in the practitioning of medicine (I). Of course this introduction of tablets into the healthcare industry has led to some changes in the way doctors, nurses, and patients collaborate.

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Office Hours This Week

Stuart Geiger will be holding his office hours (as usual) on Tuesday 1-3pm (in the 1st floor alcove).

Jen Schradie will not be holding office hours at her usual time on Thursday (she held substitute office hours on Google Hangouts this past Sunday).

Since I am out of town this week I will not be holding office hours as usual this Tuesday. Substitute office hours will be at my office (room 312, South Hall) NEXT Monday (Feb 18, the day before your first assignment is due) 2-4pm. If you plan to drop by, please e-mail me and let me know around what time you plan to come by so I can get a sense of how many students to prepare for and maybe set up a schedule if that’s necessary.