Exemplary Examples from Assignment 1

Here are a few (anonymized) answers from assignment 1 that received a perfect score.

answer for question 1 – using Diffusion of Innovations (Rogers) and Fischer’s User Heuristic approach

another answer for question 1 – using Actor-Network Theory (Latour) and Fischer’s User Heuristic approach (with brief mention of Bijker/SCOT)

answer for question 2 – using Social Construction of Technology (Bijker) and Actor-Network Theory (Latour)

answer for question 3 – using Fischer’s user heuristic approach and Social Construction of Technology (Bijker)

Preparation for Assignment 2, Flickr Mini-Assignment #2, due Thursday Mar. 7

Diary Exercise – log your own work practices and your use of paper (and other tools) vs. digital technology. Keep this log for at least 1-2 days. You will reference this diary in the second assignment, but it does not need to be turned in.

A log sheet is available: [docx] [pdf].

Flickr Mini-Assignment #2: How Exactly Do We Work? – the purpose of this mini-assignment is to encourage closer attention to and reflection on your own work practices.

  • Photograph a permanent or temporary workspace you use either alone or with a group. The image should be captured mid-activity (not when everything is cleaned up and put away).
  • Post directly to our Flickr pool – or (for those of you who don’t wish to create or use your Yahoo, Facebook or Google account to login – e-mail to Stuart: sgeiger@gmail.com)
  • In the caption section describe the activity underway and explain the tools that are being used in this photo and how they are being used. In particular refer to any paper as well as screen-based technologies and any other tools and how they are supporting the activity depicted in the image.
  • Completing this mini-assignment contributes to your class participation grade.

Office Hours This Week

Stuart Geiger will be holding his office hours (as usual) on Tuesday 1-3pm (in the 1st floor alcove).

Jen Schradie will not be holding office hours at her usual time on Thursday (she held substitute office hours on Google Hangouts this past Sunday).

Since I am out of town this week I will not be holding office hours as usual this Tuesday. Substitute office hours will be at my office (room 312, South Hall) NEXT Monday (Feb 18, the day before your first assignment is due) 2-4pm. If you plan to drop by, please e-mail me and let me know around what time you plan to come by so I can get a sense of how many students to prepare for and maybe set up a schedule if that’s necessary.