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  1. Lab 1 - Github, Pull Requests, and the Course Website

    Mon 09 September 2013
    By Seb

    Our first lab will be an introduction to: Pelican, the technoogy behind our course website; Github, the currently ascendent open source "forge"; and pull requests, the way you will be handing in assignments for class.

  2. Lab 2 - Internet Relay Chat (IRC)

    Mon 16 September 2013
    By Seb

    Our second lab will introduce you to Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and the Freenode server, which hosts the virtual meeting rooms of most of the world's open projects

  3. Lab 4 - Build Pelican site locally

    Mon 30 September 2013
    By Seb

    This guide takes you through the steps you need to build and test the course website locally. From now on, you will be expected to test your commits by publishing the site locally before submitting pull requests.

    Our site is made with Pelican, a Python static-site generator.

    If you are ...

  4. Welcome!

    Thu 08 August 2013
    By Seb

    Please note no class 8/30. Class begins Tuesday, 9/3 in South Hall 202

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