Lab 3 - Hunting Social Epidemics & Human Timing (Data exploration)

Summary & Description

Our third lab will let you find social epidemics on Google trends.

Social epidemics arising from cascading influence of a socially linked population are a fundamental feature of open collaboration. While epidemic cascades can be found in open collaboration platforms (e.g. github, wiki), they are much easier to search and find on Google trends. The goal is to give you an intuitive sense of what social epidemics are in reality. You will then be able to detect them heuristically.

a. Think

Think of an event which you believe has (not) triggered a social epidemic

b. Search

Search for it on Google Trends

Bare response (no triggering => peak followed by fast decay)

Example : Jackie Chan

Exogenous critical (triggering from an initial external shock => peak followed by a slow decay)

Example : Harry Potter May2011-Jan2013

Endogenous critical (triggering by word of mouths => "tent-like" shape)

Example : Harry Potter Apr2007-Oct2007

If you have no idea, just browse Google Trends TopCharts (Actors typically work well)

Refine the timeline in order to get an appearance like the dynamics showed during the class.

c. Report & Classify

Paste the link on the following interactive pad in the right category : Public Pad

Try to find and report at least two of each category

d. To go Further

Hunting social triggering and generations of contributors on github. Find and report relevant dynamics on Github with successive generations of developers :

Example : libgit2

If you have no idea of a project with enough activity , just browse Explore GitHub