Assignment 7

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ASSIGNMENT 7: Does your project's community mirror the technical modularity of the project? How does it structure its collaboration--synchronously? Asyncronously? How does it get work done? is built on top of Annotator, which is built according to a W3C community group's Open Annotation standard. Their is a great deal of modularity in the project, especially since annotation can be used in a wide variety of ways: from integration into existing applications, to embedding in webpages, or even browser extensions. For the most part, the community mirrors this.

Much of the collaboration is very informal and asyncronous, but there is lots of communication. There is a lot of flexibility for engineers to work on what they feel needs to be worked on. Every once in awhile we assign new features that we need quickly, and everyone is encourage to give feedback on and look at our road map, which contains a list of features in roughly the order they should be worked on.

Some of my Contributions Over the Course of this class

Implemented a "Stickybuttons" feature. Numerous bug fixes. Worked with my Epub.js team to get working with Epubs. Conducted user testing and research. Built a bot that uses Natural Language Processing to evaluate whether annotations need to moderated. Did an overhaul of the Icons. Redid the way threaded replies work in the application. Worked with Tom Quast and others to design a new groups feature for Have begun work on coding said groups feature.