A Web Service for My Dog

  1. Hudson and the Beach
  2. The Problem
  3. The Problem - Complications
  4. Remember Hudson
  5. Google is your Friend
  6. The Raw Data
  7. Can We Reliably Request the Data?
  8. A Solution
  9. Application Strategy
  10. Technology Choices - Web Service
  11. Because these are my slides...
  12. The Request and Response
  13. Setting Up the Pipeline
  14. Making the Request
  15. Processing the XHTML: Getting the 'pre' Elements
  16. Processing the XHTML: Select the Correct 'pre' Element
  17. Processing the XHTML: Removing the 'font' Element
  18. Processing the XHTML: Converting the Data
  19. Processing the XHTML: Last Step
  20. Limiting to tideinfo Elements
  21. Setting Up the Web Service
  22. A Streaming Service
  23. Oh, but there is a problem...
  24. Using the gettides.pd Pipeline
  25. Restricting to Today's Date
  26. Finding Low and Hige Tides
  27. The Service is Complete!
  28. Your Dog Knows XML?