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Infosys 271: 3 units

WF 2-3:30, 202 South Hall,

Office Hrs: W, 10-12, 2 South Hall

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General Class Resources:

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  Lectures: (subject to change) Project Timeline Assignments
8/29 Lecture1: Introduction, course plan, why measure, testing process. Slides    
8/31 Lecture 2: Methods: Posing a research question, developing the hypothesis, operationalizing Variables. Slides, more about this lecture   Assignment 1: (5%) Develop Research Design (including survey)

Lecture 3: Methods: Research Design Overview. Survey Studies. Slides more about this lecture

Introduce Survey Project (30%)Meet with Client, define problem  

Lecture 4: Statistics: Basic statistics, Analysis of a histogram, Mean, Median, Normal Probability Curve. Demo with Excel. Ethics of Testing, How to write up a Human Subjects Protocol Slides more about this lecture

Description of Survey projects

Assignment 1 Due (deadline extended to 7th)

Lecture 5: EXCEL LAB (in Computer Lab): Basic stats with Excel. Using exploratory analysis, using functions, data analysis toolpack.more about lecture including Human SUbjects Protocol

Survey: Generate questions, Pilot Test  
9/14 Guest Lecture 6: Yale Braunstein, Conducting a Survey Study: From Design to Writing a Report slides

Survey: Submit Human Subjects Protocol


Lecture 7 : Statistics: Correlations, Scatter plots & Introduction to Regression. slides, more about lecture

Groups meet with me between 18th -19th to review survey questions.



Lecture 8: Statistics Hands on: Basic stats with SPSS, Exploratory analysis.

BASICS OF SPSS LAB about Lecture

Survey: Start Pretest by 20th, sample size =15, analyze pretest data, make changes Assignment 2: (10%) Basic Data Analysis with Excel & SPSS
9/26 Lecture 9: Methods: All about Normal Distributions. Sampling Issues. more about lecture, slides Survey:Launch final survey by 28th

Assignment 2 Due



Lecture 10: Statistics. Normal Distribution, Standard Scores, Logic of hypothesis testing. Null and Alternative Hypothesis, Type 1 and Type 2 Errors. more about lecture, slides

Survey: Start Exploratory Data Analysis ASAP

Assignment 3: Test 2 Subjects for Product Advisor Study (5%)



Lecture 11: SPSS LAB 2




Lecture 12: Product Advisor Pretest


Lecture 13: Statistics: t-tests (One sample ttests, two sample t tests, independent sample and paired sample t tests). more about lecture slides

10/12 Lecture 14: Review of t-tests, and Introduction to ANOVA more about lecture, slides, statistics concept map Introduce Final Projects (35%)  

Lecture 15: All about CHI Square. more about lecture. slides

Survey: Data Analysis Report Due (Optional)  
10/19 Lecture 16: COnfidence Intervals and MArgin of Error more about lecture slides  

Lecture 17: Introduction to Regression more about lecture, slides

Survey Project END: Report Due, Project Presentations  
10/26 Lecture 18: Factorial ANOVA's more about lecture, slides    
10/31 Project Presentations    

Lecture19: The structure and format of usability tests.

COntunue with Lecture 18 slides: ANOVA, Multifactor Anova's, Repeated Measures, 2X2, 2X2X2 etc.

more about lecture, slides,

Design Study

Identify IV, DV and controlled variables, identify design


Lecture 20 : ANOVA's continued. Different kinds of ANOVA. Effect Size, Percentage of Variance. more about lecture

Develop Measures: questionnaires etc.

Short Analysis Assignment 4 (5%)

ANOVA & t-tests


Lecture 21: 5 minute informal project proposal.

Wrapping up ANOVA's slides, more about lecture


Pretest:3-4 subjects, analyze data, refine, test refinements on 1-2 subjects  
11/14 Lecture 22: Information Architecture Analysis. Correlation, and Factor Analysis, more about lecture, slides  

Assignment 4 due

11/16 Lecture 23: Statistics Review and Project Updates Start Testing: number of subjects depends on individual study

Short Analysis Assignment 5 (5%)

Correlation, Regression and Factor Analysis

11/21 Thanksgiving Holiday    
11/23 Thanksgiving Holiday    
11/28 Lecture 24: Discriminant Analysis and Cluster ANalysis more about lecture slides Start Data Analysis Assignment 5 Due
11/30 Lecture 25: Card Sorting and Practising DIscriminant Analysis CLuster Analysis more about lecture    
12/5 Lecture 26: Methods and Statistics Review. more about lecture, conceptmap, MethodsReview, StatisticsReview Start writing report  
12/7 Lecture 27: Review continued, MDS & Troubleshooting Final Projects.    
12/12 Student Project Presentations Report Due, Final Project END  

Class Resources

Statistics: Online statistics resources.
Research Methods Resources:
Testing Methods: Kinds of testing methods.
  • Survey
  • Observational Studies
  • Server Log Analysis
  • Client Side Logging with Screen Capture
  • Experiments
  • Eye tracking
Kinds of data:
  • explicit measures of behavior
  • implicit measures of behavior
  • attitudes
  • physiological measures
Usability Goals: Categorization of methods according to different goals
  • Usability Design
  • Usability Testing
Relevant Authors: Relevant HCI researchers and practitioners
  • John carroll
  • Robin Jeffries
  • Bonnie John
  • Andrew Monk
  • Cliff Nass
  • Kent Norman
  • Jared Spool
  • Ben Shneiderman
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Survey Projects (first half of sememster)


Final Projects (second half of semester)
  • Analysis of Product Advisors in Ecomerce Sites
  • User understanding of Power Control Interfaces
  • Comparative Usability Analysis of MS Word and Star Writer (part of Star Office)
  • Comparative Analysis of MS Excel and StarCalc (part of StarOffice)
  • Usability Analysis of Meeting Scheduler Software
  • Individual Perspective on Information Overload
  • Usability Analysis of an Online Ecommerce site (part of E-Berkeley projects)