Infosys 271: Previous Announcements

I added a SPSS help file for the current assignment. Sep 16, 11.00 a.m.
Updated data for Lab today: I reformatted the dataset. Please download the updated version if possible. I will also have copies on disk available in class. download data, Excel Tutorial1, Tutorial2
Sept 8, 8.00 a.m.
Information for Lab tomorrow: Prepare for presenting survey software evaluation, Download data, print out codebook
Sept 7, 8.00 a.m.
Regular office Hours: Wed, 9-11, This coming week, on a different day than regular time: Thursday (9/7/00) from 9 to 11
Sep 2, 11 p.m.
Assignment 1: Develop two usability questions (due 9/6), Evaluate survey software (due 9/8), I amended the team assignments, added an excel based rating sheet to help standardize ratings. amended assignment, download survey rater sheet Sep 2, 3 p.m.

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