Infosys 271: Lab 1

Brief description of Lab:

Survey Software Review: Each group will present candidate software for use in our survey projects (only describe candidate software, don't describe the ones you rejected). We will critique and choose one or more based on the general requirements for the survey projects. Use the Excel survey software rating sheet to mark responses and make sure you can answer questions about those aspects of the software.

Lab: In this lab, we will do some exploratory analysis of some survey data in Excel. The goals of the lab are modest. We hope to be able to familiarize everyone with Excel and learn to do preliminary analysis (basic descriptive statistics, graphing etc.) for the dataset.

Main References


The 10th GVU survey: Finding Product Information and Purchasing Questionnaire link to original questionnaire

The dataset (Excel file with fewer variables than original dataset for class purposes) Download this  
Codebook for interpreting data link to original codebook  
modified codebook (with few variables for class use) Print this out  

Other References





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