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In order to allow plenty of time for reading, blog responses are due by 6:00PM on the Sunday before lecture.

Week 2

Think about one of the best learning experiences you have ever had in your life. How do the articles help explain why it was a good learning experience? Use at least one of the assigned readings to reflect on your experience. Your writing does not need to be long, but it should be thoughtful. Please post your writing on the course website by Sunday evening so that others will have time to read your thoughts before the class on Monday. Post your writing [here].

Week 3

What is the most creative experience you’ve had or encountered in your life? It could be a creative project that you yourself did, or seen others do. What is your take on what it means to be creative? How do you agree or disagree with the authors of the readings? Use at least one of the assigned readings to reflect on your perspective on creativity. Your writing does not need to be long, but it should be thoughtful. Post your writing [here].

Week 4

Please pick one of the two questions below, and post your writing on the course web site: 1) Reflect on your own learning experience. Can you identify and describe “Powerful Ideas” that served as your own tools-to-think-with? 2) Critique the Constructionist approach to learning. Post your writing [here].

Week 5

Reflect on your favorite learning environment from your childhood. This should be a physical place (as opposed to a virtual place, for the purpose of this week’s topic). Using the concepts in the readings, discuss how the elements in your learning environment contributed to your thinking and learning. Post your writing [here].

Week 6

Reflect on your favorite play activities (this could be from your childhood or adulthood). With the concepts presented in the readings, discuss possible opportunities that play provided for learning. Post your writing [here].

Week 8

Take a moment and try taking the test of Multiple Intelligences at: What is your reaction to the result of your test? Give your critique on the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Post your writing [here].

Week 9 

Discuss a role of “storytelling” in your course project. Post your writing [here].

Week 10 

The readings presented a number of ways to "blend" physical and virtual worlds. Think about the virtual and physical aspects  of your final project. Referencing the readings, please write about the approach that might work best in your final project and why? If you don't think the readings apply to your project discuss what is missing. Post your writing [here].

Week 11 

Think about the ideal context for your final project to be used in: where will people be interacting with your idea (in school, at parks, after-school program, etc.), who will be there (alone, other students, parents, teachers, etc.), what might the environment look like (art studio, traditional classroom, museum), what previous knowledge do your users have (know how to use a touch screen, etc.)? Reference this week's readings and write about how the design of your final project is suited to these contextual factors? What are the benefits and drawbacks of placing your technology in the context that you chose? Post your writing [here].


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