Sixth Sense

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Our project, titled Sixth Sense, is based around an anklet shown in the figure below. This anklet features a variety of sensors, including an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and a magnometer, along with vibration motors and Bluetooth 4.0. The sensors allow the use of foot gestures to interact with the device, Bluetooth 4.0 allows the use of GPS via a connection to a smart phone, and the vibration motors allow the device to provide tactile feedback to the user. We have come up with three potential applications in mind for Sixth Sense.

Invisible Leash

The invisible leash application involves two users, although only one user is required to have Sixth Sense. The two users are linked and share location data with each other. Sixth Sense then vibrates in the direction of the other user, allowing him or her to be found. Since the Sixth Sense user receives tactile feedback on his/her ankle, there is no need to shift focus to a smart phone or other device, so the user can solely focus on finding his/her friend/partner/child/etc.

Memory Journal

The memory journal application requires at least one user with Sixth Sense. When the user is at a spot they would like to remember, they just need to tap their foot twice to save the GPS coordinates of the location. Whenever the user is within a certain radius of the memorable location in the future, Sixth Sense will begin faintly vibrating in that direction; it guides the user back to the location allowing him/her to remember the moment again.

North Star

The north star application involves only a single user with Sixth Sense. Using the built-in magnometer, Sixth Sense continuously vibrates in the direction of north. Eventually the vibration will fade into the background and the user will just associate the it with the direction of north. While wearing Sixth Sense, the user will have an innate sense of direction.


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