Thoughtless Acts - bike accessory storage

Submitted by wendy.xue on Mon, 03/18/2013 - 10:23

I took this picture off my bicycle. I carry a lock cable when I'm biking so that I can lock the front wheel with the rear wheel. The bike doesn't have any place on it to store the lock cable. So I normally just tie it around the handle bar. I also have no place in the garage to store the helmet and my biking gloves, so I hang the helmet on the handle bar as well, and put the gloves inside of the helmet. 

I think the bike can place some clips along the step-through frame, then the cable can be clipped along the frame so it looks neater. For the gloves, I think it'll be cool to design some pockets on the sides or the top of the helmet so that you can place them inside when you don't want to wear them. You also won't forget where they are if you place them somewhere else away from the bike. Maybe use a sticky buckle to fix the pocket on the helmet, so it's still removable if you don't need it. But it should still be strong enough to stay in place, so you won't lose it unless you are in a crazy accident.

photo 2.JPG
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