Participatory Expresion in the form of Light.

Submitted by soren svejstrup on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 14:07

We still have not determined a name to our installation for which it will be refer to as "project".

With our project we are facilitating spectators to become participants and letting them express visually what they feel in that moment. It is as if we are providing instruments for them to express themselves but these instruments rather that outputting sound they will predominantly output light. A portion of our project will be this direct feedback, the way a drum or flute operates. But we also want to have a more intriguing, less explicit, feedback on how participants interact with the LED medium. This thrives to be an interaction where the participant moves or performs some other kind of action to generate an luminous expression.  

By providing the tools, we allow users to create their own visual space, which can be interpreted as an abstract display of the mood of the participants. These are in a  given time and place obviously influenced by environment stimulants such as, music, people, context. This stimulation is expressed via light. 


By Thomas May and Soren Svejstrup

People can inexplicitly interact with the LEDs too
The drum is one of the inputs to the LEDs
The installation is an art car for Burning Man Festival
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