Thoughtless Acts

Submitted by shaohan on Mon, 04/01/2013 - 17:58

I usually use long chopsticks to cook meals since it's easier for me to "control" ingredients inside a pan or pot.

While cooking, sometimes I have to put chopsticks down in order to do other tasks such as preparing seasonings or cutting vegetables. Since long chopsticks may roll on a flat surface and always get something on them (such as dressing and sauces) while cooking, I don't want to put them directly on the table. As a result, I usually put long chopsticks on one of the handles of the pot, thoughtlessly... 
I think it would be great if pans or pots can be designed to have "holders" for people to put their "cooking tools" such as long chopsticks temporarily while cooking. In this case, people don't have to worry about cleaning tables each time after cooking or have to prepare another plate just for placing tools.
Another thoughtless act I found was at my friend's place. Her place has only a few power sockets and most of them are "away" from the floor. As a result, when I visited her house, I found that she just put her cell phone on the adaptor while charging in order to secure her phone not to drop to the floor. I think it will be cool if the adapter itself can be designed to actually "hold" the phone in some way while charging; something like a groove or even some magnetic components.
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