Sensory Echo Vest sketches

Submitted by sebarness on Fri, 03/01/2013 - 23:11

This product is comprised of a vest, bracelet, and 2 portable stress packets. The bracelet would detect the user’s own unique “stress fingerprint” and then preforms the 4 following actions: 

1) An ambient white light on the user’s bracelet begins to turn a gentle orange (or fashionable color of their choice). If the stress persists for an extended period of time the orange light begins to gently pulse. This makes observers aware that the subject’s behavior may be affected by stress without requiring explicit or inappropriate explanation. 

2) The vest then begins to gently massage the user with small mechanical devices embedded in the vest’s back panel; predicting and treating stress symptoms before they manifests in unpleasant feelings, unhealthy hormone levels, or misjudgments.

3) The two portable “stress packet” concealed within the user’s pockets begin to inflate.  These remote stress packet differ from standard stress balls because they can be completely crushed free of stress and would be made of a resistive material so the user felt like they were affecting something more substantive than a balloon; completing the user-device feedback loop 

4) Finally, the user would have the option to playback a “recording” of a previously received hug from a supportive friend or loved one when they find a private moment to recharge; empowering the user to actively manage stress levels by reminding them that they are appreciated. The hug would be recorded with an array of FSRs nested on or near the vest’s massaging devices.

All features would be subtle and undetectable to observers with inputs and outputs co-located in a wearable device. Similar to cell phone ringers the display of this light could be toggled on or off depending on the user’s social situation. 

Use Case Scenario: 
- In the middle of ACME’s weekly team meeting, the fashionable stress bracelet detects the beginnings of the CEO’s unique stress fingerprint
-  A gentle white light on the bracelet subtly turns a light shade of orange, indicating to her employees she may be less receptive to non-pressing issues.  Across the room an employee decides that now is not a good time to pitch that new project idea she came up with over the weekend and decides to wait for a better moment. 
- Remote stress packets are inflated within the pockets of the CEO’s blazer; implicitly prompting the her to clandestinely squeeze them back into a flat shape. 
- As the CEO’s stress level increases, the orange light becomes more saturated and the stress vest she’s wearing under her suit starts to gently massage her shoulders - helping her to relax in the moment when it is most contextually relevant. 
- After the meeting concludes, the CEO heads to her (corner) office. There, she takes care of a call but also toggles off her stress indicator as she prepares for her afternoon presentation to the shareholders. 
-Before she moves on to the next challenge of the day, she’s takes a quick moment to enjoy her epic view of the city while she plays back a recording of a hug from her daughter.

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