// final project proposal

Submitted by njohn on Tue, 04/09/2013 - 10:11
// description

This project is an effort to prompt people to re-evaluate, or "re-see" the everyday spaces that they move through.  Designed for a vacant lot or exterior space in the city, the piece reacts to human presence with a variety of sounds intended to encourage this "re-seeing".  In one site, might react to a passing pedestrian with the recitation of the ownership history of a vacant building; in another, it might offer an oral history of what used to stand on a vacant lot.

Though literally and conceptually sited in the public space of the city, the piece also has the ability to function indoors, perhaps inducing people to visit and consider banal or unlikely spaces within a building, or attempting to generate a social space from nothing more than it's own force of attraction.

Physically and materially, the piece is conceived of as a monolithic concrete object, its electronics embedded solidly within.  This conceit not only adds to its inscrutability (and therefore allure) as an object, but allows us to imagine placing it within the city unattended.


// materials

PIR distance/motion sensor

Arduino Uno

Speaker shield for Arduino

3" speaker

Battery Pack

Flexible Solar Panels

Expanded polystyrene (for CNCing of mold)

Platinum silicone rubber (for mold creation)

Expansion cement


// note

The piece is seen installed in the attached image - it is the concrete object behind the fence in the center of the frame.



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