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Submitted by MarieSpliid on Mon, 04/08/2013 - 21:35
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By: John Scott & Marie Spliid

// Concept

In our project we are working with the notion of ‘shadows of light’ in an attempt to simulate the experience of walking through dark/scary spaces more pleasurable and in the company of “man’s best friend”: the canine.  Through an illuminated shadow projection of a person entering the ‘scary space’ (which would be simulated in the classroom) and an interactive illuminated shadow animation of a dog, this project seeks to provide virtual companionship for people traversing dark, urban spaces.

// Action/Interaction Sequence

When a person enters into the space, they step on an FSR mat, which triggers a video camera that captures their image and turns it into a projected ‘illuminated shadow’ on a wall (screen).  When this happens, a ‘friendly’ dog illuminated shadow appears next to it.  The person can then approach the dog, who is waiting in a ‘sitting position’ and when they ‘pet the dog’s head’ (touch that part of the screen) the dog wags his tail happily.  Then as the person walks through the space, the dog follows next through to the end of the space.  
At the end of the space, the person will be able to pick up a stick (attached to the ground with a retractable string) that he can throw.  Once the stick is lifted off the ground, this triggers the “illuminated shadow dog” to chase the thrown stick, and run off the screen, signaling the end of the interaction sequence.   

// Materials/Components (preliminary list)

  • Screen
  • Video Camera with live-wire feed running to screen (image will be silhouetted and inverted)
  • Projector  
  • FSR mat
  • DC motor for retrieving the stick
  • Animated sequences of dog
  • PhotoCells (for ‘petting’ the dog)
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